We are conveniently located 1 block west of College and 1 block north of Laurel.  We are right across the street from Avogadro's Number restaurant.  The address is 600 S. Mason Street. 

The salon has provided professional services to women and men for the past 17 years.  The owner, Larry Baker, has founded several of Ft. Collins top salons. 

Returning from some time spent outside of the U.S. I was looking for a different kind of environment to work in.  I wanted it to be very comfortable for people with a calm, casual and relaxed atmosphere while at the same time producing trendy and up-to-date work. 

After researching all the salons in the Ft. Collins area it was HeadTurners that caught my attention and felt like a good fit.  Laid back, relaxed and comfortable but full of very talented stylists.  Now after having been there 7 years it has proven to be everything I wanted.  You will find it a great place as well.

For an appointment with Randy call: 970-690-5414.

This website is the personal site of Randy Rich Hair Design at HeadTurners Salon.  As we are all independent booth renters, the pricing that appears on this site reflect only my own prices and specials and do not reflect the pricing of the other stylists. 
You can see more of my styles on Instagram at: randyrichhair