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Haircolor Services

Hair color can bring an exciting change to your life and appearance.
There are many methods and variations that will add interest to your style.

Non committed hair color: This type of hair color will slowly fade away and not require touch ups.
The following 3 are non-commited colors:

Glazing: A demi color is used to add a simmering tone to the hair. This fades in 4-8 weeks. In the meantime, your hair color is enhanced, shiny, and richer looking.
It can also be an inexpensive way to balance your existing color.

Capelli lights: This is the method of pulling fine strands of hair through a cap and using a permanent hair color to lighten, brighten, or add richness. Because of the fine strands, it grows out nicely without the necessity of touch ups.

More committed hair color:

All over color: $55-$65.00

Foiling or weave. $70.00 for short hair and $80.00 for long hair.

Foiling for just some splashes of color: 8-15 foils is $3.00 each, and 16-30 foils is $2.00 each..
This is  a good choice to touch up new growth and refresh your existing highlights inexpensively.

A combination of both all over hair color with highlights and lowlights. Price to be determined by a consultation to address the specific needs required.

Balayage: This is a good choice to paint in just some sunkissed areas or for some bolder areas of highlights.  Baylayage is $35.00 and up depending on how much is wanted.

Ombre: This is used for a fadeout look of transition from dark to light or light to dark and can be done in tandom with the Balayage technique. Ombre colors start at $90.00
for 21/2 hrs. and increase at $30.00 per hour for additional time.

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